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Lymphatic Massage Therapy
Stress Reduction

Kathleen Helen Lisson

Lymphedema Therapist,

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, 

Health Coach,

 Board Certified Massage Therapist

Author, Stress Reduction for Lymphedema

Reducing the Effects of Chronic Stress 

through Simple Mindfulness Interventions

Kathleen Helen Lisson is an ACE certified health coach, yoga and meditation teacher.

She has taught mindfulness at IPSB Massage College and given presentations on mindfulness for Lympha Press,

Moving Beyond Cancer Collaborative and at the American Venous and Lymphatic Society, International Society for Lymphology and Fat Disorders Resource Society conferences.

She is a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, the Labyrinth Society, San Diego Caregiver Coalition

and the San Diego Trauma-informed Guide Team. 


Massage after Breast Implant and Explant Surgery

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Stress Reduction for Lymphedema

Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon

Stress Reduction for Lymphedema takes a look at published research on mind-body practices that may reduce the negative effects of stress in people with lymphedema, with step-by-step instructions so you can try many of the practices yourself or with a caregiver or loved one.

Stress reduction activities include:

* Breathwork protocols recommended for people with lymphedema
* Mindfulness exercises from a lymphedema program in India
* Holistic practices including acupuncture for people with lymphedema and a progressive muscle relaxation routine that may improve the effects of decongestive therapy
* Movement-based activities like qi gong and taiso for upper limb lymphedema and yoga for upper and lower limb lymphedema

"An inspirational, accessible handbook emphasizing self-compassion and effective stress reduction." - Kirkus Reviews


Mindful Strategies for Adult Clients with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Paperback Available on Amazon

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Lymphedema Care

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for lymphedema.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage: more than edema reduction

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